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    Default Stock support level

    I am still struggling how to find it on chart. I use http://www.freestockcharts.com and for example looking at AMD I still cannot understand how you got that support lvl at 4.50.

    In the educational video example it is pretty clear but for real stock it seems is not

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    If your referring to my post int the AMD thread that was support from Level 2, that I use for daily trading. It can change as the market changes. Charts is all together different.

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    Aaah, i see it now!! thanks a lot!

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    Let me add to that...Charts can get you to the support level but Level 2 can fine tune it for you. Say that you are ready to buy at 4.50 and there are a 1000 buyers and 3000 sellers, then you might want to drop your bid accordingly. As you are a new trader I suggest easing into your trades.



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