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    Default Trading non-trending markets

    I'm only new to trading and have been spending a lot of time reading. I've worked out that trend trading on a weekly to many month time scale really suits my personality and have been working on other aspects of my system. Unfortunately I've come to see over the last few months that this system is not really working in our current market. So my question is, what other styles of trading would generally suit a non trending market? I'm assuming it would be a shorter term system. I think I also need to find way to define a market. ie what defines a market that is no longer trending? Are there indicators that can help with this? Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.

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    Strongly suggest that if you are new to Trading , then avoid the present market like a plague -- just observe and take critical notes for future reference -- T/A Trend Trading tools (indicators ) are generally useless in these conditions , you need momentum methods .

    Sounds from what you describe as your trading style that Guppy's book " Trend Trading " would suit you to the tee , but as Guppy has been saying since last August -- even this system is not currently applicable.

    May I suggest that whilst the current volatility is dominate , take advantage of the situation and get a copy of Bill McLaren's PDF book " Training Workbook on Trends Analysis " from his site around $85 --- understand what Bill is saying in this manual and you will fair better prepared for the next Major Trend when it begins or at least have a solid base to work from in climates like the present .

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    Exellent advice re Billy mclaren,coyotty he is a cracker or the cracker....

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    Thank you for your time coyotte, I will take you advice on this and hopefully be more prepared for when thinks are more favourable.

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    Looking further down, it gets worse. They picked BOL in September!! Say no more!!



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