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    Default Will this stock surge?

    Hey guys,

    I am new to investing and I read an article that said Tetra Technologies priced 19.4 million shares at $5.15. I have $8500 invested.

    Will TTI go back up?

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    In the future, you probably shouldn't invest in something without doing some research. Reading an article is not enough. You're sticking a large portion of your hard earned money into something on a whim. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that you're new to investing and unfamiliar with how it all works and finding good times to enter certain stocks. You'll want to learn how to do some technical analysis (how to read charts) so that you can find good entries and learn to limit your losses.

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    I read the article on fool.com. The company said it would sell shares for $5.15. That being said, How can the shares drop even more on Monday? If you look at the 3 month chart, it surged 16% and 20% after falling. Wouldn't it make sense to surge at least 24%?

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    It appears the company was selling shares not buying them.That is called dilution and a stock intially and usually will fall on that news. That does not mean at a later date it might go up after the dust has settled.

    This morning, TETRA announced that it is expanding the size of its previously announced secondary offering of stock, with attached warrants to buy even more stock. According to management, TETRA intends to sell as many as 22.3 million shares of its common stock at $5.15 per share(assuming underwriters exercise their overallotment options in full) and to attach to these shares "warrants" entitling the buyers to purchase an additional 11.2 million shares at $5.75 per share, should they so choose.

    It's also worth noting that this offering threatens to flood the market with as many as 33.5 million new TETRA shares, on top of the 92.7 million shares already outstanding. If all the new shares that can come to market do come to market, current shareholders stand to see themselves diluted by about 36% -- and receive less than $180 million in new cash for their company in exchange.



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